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Why Kirsch Drapery Hardware?

Kirsch Drapery Hardware is a company that is serious about quality and innovation and has the history to prove it. Kirsch invented the first flat curtain rods. Then invented the first telescoping curtain rods. In fact, Charles W. Kirsch, even invented the famous traverse curtain rod. A traverse rod is one that will “traverse” or move your drapery panels across the window or door. Instead of pulling on the fabric with your hands, you just pull on a cord to smoothly slide the drapery open or closed. Kirsch can trace its history back to 1907 and has been researching and innovating ever since. We are proud to offer rock solid quality, great design and fabulous finishes on our wooden curtain rods as well as our lines of metal and wrought iron curtain rods. Check Out Our Wooden Curtain Rods...
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